Every New Year at Nanoosh sparks a renewed energy to embrace new food trends—and remain leaders in the fast casual dining industry.

As pioneers—and the leading Mediterranean contender—in the fast casual space, we’re proud to have foreseen many of these projected 2016 food trends well before the year began. We introduced quinoa before people knew how to pronounce it, baked falafel instead of frying it (for better health), and used cross-cultural influences to develop a New Authentic Mediterranean cuisine.

This year, as we continue to grow and expand to new locations, we’re continuing to champion 2016 food trends. Technomics’ newly released market research video confirms just that.

Here’s a roundup of what they predict you’ll see more of in 2016, and how Nanoosh is ahead of the curve.

1. Ethnic Condiments: Sriracha Still Reins
The world is getting smaller and rounder by the day. As we continue to find ample ways to connect and contribute through technology, we’re introduced to far-flung foods that remold our native cuisines.

This year, expect to see traditional dishes doused in ethnic sauces and condiments. Major contenders are dukka, an Egyptian blend of toasted nuts and seeds, and gochujang, a fiery Korean hot sauce.

At Nanoosh, our dishes have always emphasized distinct sauces—from Mediterranean traditions like tahini and tzatziki, to cross-cultural inspirations like habanero chili sauce. Stop by and continue to enjoy them!

2. Ancient Diets: Elevated Peasant Fare
Pita is at the heart of the Mediterranean meal—whether it’s cradling a gyro sandwich or spooning up hummus. At Nanoosh, we offer it as a complimentary side to many of our meals.

What many people don’t realize is that pita—along with olive oil, lentils, and fresh vegetables—were part of the ancient Greek ‘peasant’ diet. Back in the day, these foods were cheap, filling, and easy to come by, and therefore relegated to the greater population rather than just the rich and famous.

Today, cuisine that was once consumed by paupers in all cultures is making a huge and elegant comeback. From innovative meatball and sausage dishes to quirky eastern European pierogis, modern cuisine is putting delicious twists on provincial dishes. This has always been a staple of our New Authentic style at Nanoosh.

3. A Cry for Health: Organic Foods
Our society’s health kick is growing. More and more, research shows that people not only prefer non-GMO foods, but they’re willing to pay more for them. Food suppliers are picking up on consumer demands for humane sourcing and traceability.

At Nanoosh, we serve organic food because it’s the healthiest of all options. In an earlier post, we explored how organic is inherently free of chemicals, GMOs, and any other harmful substances. We’ve been at the forefront of this health trend, and the leader for the organic push in our space.

4. Power to You: Customization
In general, fast casual concepts are spreading to restaurants of all kinds. More and more establishments—from grab-and-go joints to haute eateries—are offering customers the ability to customize their own plates.

At Nanoosh, our power food plates allow you to select an organic base of grains, hummus, or fresh veggies, all-natural Mediterranean protein, two organic toppings, and a delicious homemade sauce. Here, the choice has always been yours!

Come by our restaurant to take a taste of 2016s hottest trends in food—and indulge in a Mediterranean experience you’ll love.