If we ask older generations to describe the food habits of the millennial generation, it isn’t unlikely they will cite an increase in junk food, a lack of importance placed on home-cooked meals, and habitually eating on the run.

However, millennials are really paving the way towards a series of food trends that demonstrate their decisiveness regarding the quality and type of food they desire.

The millennial generation grew up with smart phones and internet 24/7, meaning they constantly have access to just about any information they want. The rise of food and nutrition blogs, combined with the ease with which news is shared via social networks, make the most up-to-date food and nutritional research available to the general public.

As a result, people in their 20s are decisive about what they want. They look for grocery stores and restaurants that can cater to their well-informed likes and desires. This is because most of these trends are not simply about food choices. Rather, they are about lifestyle choices that have a direct effect on their health and on the world around them.

For this reason, restaurants, like Nanoosh, have developed their concepts to guarantee a guest experience that caters to this food-informed and environmentally aware generation of Millennials. And no, it isn’t just about offering “gluten free” or “vegan” options. It is about offering carefully-constructed meal choices that are good for the body and for the environment.

What are 3 of the things that millennials really look for?

Customized Food Options

It isn’t rare to find friend and family groups discussing the best place to eat. Your sister wants a salad, while your BFF wants a wrap, and you know neither of those are going to fill you up.

What’s better than having a meal that is customized to fit your cravings and those of your friends and family? Unlike other fast casual restaurants, Nanoosh has a variety of dish sizes, flavors, and presentations that allow everyone to satisfy their cravings and hunger and especially individual dietary needs.

Additionally, you are not alone if you experience drastic changes in cravings from one day to the next. No more of “the usual”. Millennials tend to want to try something different or variations of a similar meal so it’s always fun to go back.

Nanoosh’s Powerfood Plates allow you to choose from a variety of Mediterranean bases, protein, and toppings to meet your calorie needs, food restrictions and favorite tastes.

Snacks and Munchies

Why limit yourself to three meals a day? Millennials are reshaping eating habits across the world, as they are informed by research about how to boost your metabolism and keep energy up by trying to squeeze snacks that are healthy during breaks in their busy schedule.

There is no need to come into Nanoosh for a big meal. Pick a snack, a wrap, or something off our To-Go counter to tide you over until mealtime.

Natural and Organic, and Really Tasty

Research shows that millennials look for food options that are wholesome and healthy, but they aren’t willing to sacrifice taste. Organic, freshly-made, and authentic foods are all important labels. However, if they try the food and aren’t pleased with the taste, there is no going back.

At Nanoosh, we believe we are the “most organic” fast casual chain; we are committed to using a majority organic ingredients and all natural meats, while never compromising on rich and flavorful tastes. We are fully committed to being organic and list on our menu which ingredients are always 100% organic (instead of saying “organic when we can” like some of our competitors).

Want to read more about the wonders of ingredients found on Nanoosh’s menu? Check out our blog to read up on the ingredients and spices we use, and their benefits for your health.