Summer in New York City is amazing. Picnics in Central Park, free movies in the park, riding bikes over the Brooklyn Bridge, and even heading down to Coney Island for a parade. But none of that is too much fun when it’s 100° outside.

Summer time in the city is too short to waste inside hugging your air conditioner. You gotta get out there and dance in a fire hydrant, fly a kite, and maybe even drink in a beer garden, before it’s too late, because even though it might not feel like it now, winter is coming, New Yorkers.

So here are 4 Healthy Drinks to Help You Beat the Summer Heat. Stay cool, and see you out there!

Hibiscus Berry Iced Tea

Hibiscus iced tea might be the most popular iced beverage you’ve never heard of. Renowned the world over for its ruby red color, distinct tanginess, and tart refreshing flavor, hibiscus iced tea goes by a few different names.

It’s called Bissapin West Africa, Gul e Khatmi in Persian, Agua de Jamaica in Honduras and Mexico, Orhul in India, and Karkadé in Egypt. Call it Roselle, Sorrel, or Soobolo; we think you’ll not only call it “delicious,” but nutritious.

Several studies, including one from the USDA and American Heart Association, have shown that three glasses of hibiscus tea a day significantly reduced blood pressure and hypertension in adults. What’s even better is that you can drink this delicious beverage chilled without losing any of it’s heart health benefits—at least that’s the way we make it!

Fruity, tart, and refreshing, hibiscus berry iced tea is a healthy alternative to sugary sports drinks, powdered mixes, and sodas.

Pro tip: Clap a sprig of mint in your palm before you stir it into your tea. It bruises the leaf and adds a powerful minty aroma to every sip.

Organic Lemonade

At Nanoosh, we know it’s not really summer without an ice-cold glass of fresh lemonade. That’s why we prepare our homemade lemonade from the freshest ingredients every single morning. We know how important quality is, especially with the classics.

The health benefits of fresh organic lemonade are far reaching. Packed with vitamin C and E, along with minerals like potassium, organic lemonade is one of the simplest and healthiest ways you can beat the heat this summer. Just don’t fall for sweetened imposters claiming to be the real thing.

Pro Tip: Mix it up with a bit of savory basil instead of mint. You’ll be surprised at the what a difference it makes.

Organic Sumatra Coffee

That’s right. A hot drink might actually help you stay cool.

Popular for millennia in arid desert cultures across the Mediterranean, hot tea or coffee has been shown to actually lower your overall body temperature—under the right circumstances. The key is humidity (spoiler: there can’t be any).

When you drink a hot beverage your core temperature spikes for a few seconds, making you to sweat more than you were just a minute before. Refreshing, right?

The main reason we sweat is to release body heat, so think of drinking hot tea like tossing a bunch of coal into the engine of a train—it makes the engine burn hotter, which means that the conductor has to let out steam quick (toot toot!).

The trick with our bodies is that when you sweat from a hot drink, you release way more heat than you would have without the tea—and very quickly, too. Which basically means that right after drinking a hot beverage your body temperature goes down, but —and this important—only if your sweat evaporates right away.

Sadly, this life hack just doesn’t work in humid environments. So if you’re fighting the heat on a humid July day in New York, it might be best to stick with hibiscus iced tea.

At Nanoosh we obsess over everything you eat—or drink!—ensuring it’s made only from the best ingredients we can find. Made fresh everyday, our range of organic beverages is sure to quench your thirst this summer without the sugary crash that will leave you stuck inside and missing out on all the fun.

Three cheers to healthy drinks that keep you on the go!