You’re a savvy, health-conscious consumer. You value exercise and make thoughtful choices about the food you put into your body. Forget processed foods with unpronounceable additives; you make natural, wholesome choices.

You’re not the only one. There’s a passionate movement of earth-aware, health-informed consumers in America. Finally, our grocery stores and restaurants are listening up.

Watch Where You Eat

According to a recent Forbes article, an increasing number of people today seek fresh, unprocessed foods—to promote both their own personal health and global sustainability. Almost half of today’s consumers seek earth-friendly and nutritious possibilities. These people are urban-dwelling, ethnically diverse Millennials.

So you’d think that with all of the negative connotations of dining out, health-conscious people would cook at home more, right? Wrong. As a group, they actually tend to dine out more often: at an average of 18 times per month.

The good news: restaurants are catching on to what consumers want—and they’re providing. From all-natural proteins to locally grown vegetables and fruits, more restaurants are offering diverse menus of natural food alternatives.

And the obsession doesn’t end with sustainability and nutrition. The health kick has woven in our growing fascination with global flavors. As a result, you can find natural and organic products in more and more dishes with farflung spins.

Enjoy a Global Experience

At Nanoosh, we’ve been on the cusp of this culturally inspired health trend for years. Our menu hails form the Mediterranean; our ingredients are wholesome, organic, and fresh. With options like our hearty Moroccan lentil soup and our straight-from-the-garden baby arugula salad, you’ll feel healthy and excited about eating out.

And that’s not all we offer. Unlike many fast casual places, we welcome you to a comfortable place to sit and enjoy your meal. Because part of eating healthy is savoring the experience.

As a kale-loving, Omnivore’s Dilemma-reading consumer, you know what you want. So come and get it. Pay us a visit soon!