About once a month, we’ll be featuring a pair of Nanoosh regulars to tell us what they love about their favorite Nanoosh. These customers won’t know each other, but they’ll go to the same location and will work in a similar industry…so, um, maybe they should!

For this first month, we’re featuring two entrepreneurs who frequent the Nanoosh on Madison Avenue and 33rd Street.

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Joseph Sommers, owner of Whitestone Works, producer of promotional merchandise and corporate gifts.

For the past year, around three times a month, I visit the Nanoosh on Madison Avenue, between 33rd and 34th Streets. I always dine in (I wasn’t even aware you delivered!).

Picture1I’m obsessed with the Powerfood plate. I order mine with farro grain, chopped beef, a Mediterranean salad, and then switch things up between lentils and chick peas; it all depends on what I’m feeling that day. Splash a ‘lil green tahini sauce on top, and I am a happy camper. I substitute the pita for carrots and always get the Shakshuka and that “other” green sauce (editor’s note: I think he means the citrus and olive oil) on the side. BOMB!

I’ve noticed self-serve lemon water: new this year. I’d love for you guys to bring back the prepared water—which would be waiting in cups in the fridge by the register. But the lemon water’s nice: a thoughtful touch!

I didn’t know the ingredients were organic. To me, the draw is the ambiance: art on the wall, like a picture of the Mediterranean Sea. Very attractive, light colors; I’m all for it!

The food is great. You also have a sandwich on ciabatta bread that I love. Service is great. Sometimes, one of your staff members tries to guess what’s in my Powerfood plate, since she knows she recognizes my face. I like the people and the environment a lot!

The condiment sauces by the plastic silverware are on point! Wish you could bottle these so I can bring them home with me.

Alan Winnikoff, co-principal of Sayles & Winnikoff Communications, a brand strategies, social media, and public relations firm, and habitual eater of hummus. Alan Head Shot

For the last seven years, I’ve ordered delivery from Nanoosh at 33rd and Madison Avenue.

I always get the hummus with Tahini. I eat a lot of hummus in general, and every one is different, with a range in quality that’s always surprising to me. The most difficult thing is balancing the ingredients, which Nanoosh does perfectly. It always tastes really fresh; it’s satisfying and not too heavy and the portion sizes are incredibly generous.

I didn’t know the ingredients are organic—but that doesn’t surprise me one bit. I’m getting hungry thinking about hummus.