Our Food

Good food that’s good for you
The art of making delicious, flavorful food starts with the origin of your ingredients. And no place in the world has more flavorful or wholesome ingredients than the Mediterranean. From its rich history to its rich soil, we’ve used every aspect of Mediterranean culture and cuisine to help shape what Nanoosh is today: authentic, homemade food that’s as good for us as it is for our world.


Responsible Sourcing

From chickpeas and quinoa to lettuce and tomatoes, we’re always looking for the healthiest ingredients. To find them, we carefully source organic ingredients from both local and global farms, ensuring our food is free from any additives, GMOs and has the least impact on our environment.


Crafted with Care

Whether it’s our hummus that takes over 24-hours to prepare, the chicken we marinate for at least 12-hours before cooking or the small batches of homemade soups we serve each day, every dish is carefully considered and prepared before it makes a debut on your plate.


Full of Flavor

We believe fresh, natural food just tastes better. To get the fullest flavor from our ingredients, we slow-cook our food using only extra-virgin olive oil, fresh herbs and spices, ensuring every bite will be as tasty as it is nutritious.


Not all Calories are Created Equal

At Nanoosh, we strive to make every dish a balanced blend of nutrition and flavor, using ingredients that may be high in calories, but for good reason: they’re packed with protein, fiber and yes, good fats our bodies need to live long, healthy lives.

Savor  the Mediterranean Flavor!

Which sauce would you dip into? Discover the perfect compliment to your next Nanoosh dish by learning more about our flavors.


Shakshuka Spread

A rich, red sauce made from tomatoes, garlic, onions, red peppers and fresh spices.


Green Tahini

Like traditional tahini, ours is made from ground sesame seeds, lemon juice and garlic, but with parsley added for freshness and extra nutrients.


Jalapeno Cilantro Hot Sauce

Zesty, spicy and oh-so-fresh! What more could you ask for in a sauce?



Made from Greek yogurt, chopped cucumber and mint - Tzatziki adds a little tang to every bite.


Habanero Spicy Sauce

The spiciest sauce of them all! Made with habanero peppers, tomatoes, spices and fresh garlic.

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