Taste the Baked in Goodness of Falafel

Falafel might just be the world’s first and most loved street food. “Fast casual” centuries before it was cool, falafel’s convenient balled-up packaging made it the meal of choice for millions of people on the go across the Mediterranean since the time of the pharaohs, but the rich blend of spices is what keeps people coming back for more.

Wrapped in flatbread, tucked in a pita, or popped in your mouth with a dash of tahini sauce, baked falafel is the delicious, ancient, guilt-free way to satisfy your mid-day cravings.

Luckily, there’s never been a better time than now to experience this healthy twist on a classic Mediterranean staple.

Come celebrate International Falafel Day with Nanoosh at any of our five Manhattan locations—this Friday June 10th (between 3-6pm)—for a FREE pop-up baked falafel bar tasting. (Ok, so it’s two days before the official International Falafel Day, but this falafel is so good, we just couldn’t wait!)

Each pop-up falafel bar will feature three baked falafel balls—a healthy, unique alternative to traditional deep-fried falafel—as well as our signature hummus and pickles.

Mix and match with your choice of either traditional tahini sauce, green jalapeno, or red habanero sauce (for a little extra kick!) until you find the perfect blend. And don’t worry if you can’t get enough—baked falafel is perfect for taking back to the office!

Why Baked Falafel?

Traditional Mediterranean falafel, made from ground chickpeas, is already one of the healthiest snack you can eat. Chickpeas are an excellent source of protein, rich in iron and magnesium, and contain a wealth of vitamins and minerals. But the really healthy stuff happens when you ditch the fatty oils and bake the falafel instead of deep-frying it.

While baking the falafel reduces some of the crispy crunch many people are used to, baked falafel is simply a far healthier option. Baked falafel has zero cholesterol, lower saturated fat than fried falafel, and is hands down the method of choice for anyone looking to lower their sugar intake, particularly diabetics. The unique warmth and rich spices of baked falafel is every bit as good as the fried version—it just also happens to be good for you.

Bottom line: Baked falafel is heart healthy, full of nutrients your body needs, and better yet, it’s designed for snacking on the go, so it’ll keep you energized through even the most hectic day.

The Original Vegan Recipe

While falafel recipes vary from country to country (Egypt uses fava beans instead of chickpeas, for instance) Mediterranean falafel has always been a vegan dish—and proudly so. In fact, falafel’s simple blend of legumes and spices (ours is a special blend of chickpeas, quinoa, parsley and spices) was the meal of choice for religious festivals and celebrations and was renowned for its purity and lack of meat or other animal ingredients.

Falafel is a perfect starter dish for anyone looking to dip their toe into vegetarian or vegan cuisine for the first time, and the fusion of rich flavors and plentiful protein makes it a welcome staple for lifelong vegetarians. Fried or baked, taste why falafel is still one of humanity’s most cherished vegan dishes.

International Falafel Day

At Nanoosh we take (a little too much!) pride in our 100% organically sourced chickpeas, and fresh, authentic Mediterranean ingredients, and we’re proud to share that passion with you.

However you enjoy it—dipped in hummus, wrapped in a pita, or just scooped up with your fingers!—come celebrate International Falafel Day at one of our pop-up baked falafel bars this Friday, June 10th from 3-6pm at any of our Manhattan locations. Take the plunge, and find out once and for all why falafel is the world’s first—and still the best—meal on the go.