Come Taste What All the Fuss is About

Hummus. You’ve heard about it, seen it at picnics, and walked past it in the supermarket aisle. And you’ve always wondered: What makes this dip so special? Maybe it’s time you taste the real thing and find out for yourself.

Luckily, there’s never been a better time than now to experience real, authentic, freshly-made Mediterranean hummus.

Come celebrate International Hummus Day with Nanoosh at any of our five Manhattan locations—this Friday May 13th (between 3-6pm)—for a FREE pop-up hummus bar experience.

Each pop-up hummus bar will feature traditional hummus—and a few fun variations—to satisfy every palate. Mix and match hummus with classic Mediterranean sauces, like tahini and shakshuka, until you find the perfect blend, and don’t worry if you can’t get enough—there’s a portable pita pairing you can take home with you!

Why Hummus?

Aside from the taste (it’s so good!), hummus is one of the healthiest snack you can eat. Hummus is an excellent source of protein, rich in iron and magnesium, contains a few grams of unsaturated fats (the good kind), and has more vitamin A, niacin (vitamin B), and riboflavin than any box of sugary cereal promises.

Bottom line: Hummus is heart healthy, full of nutrients your body needs, and better yet, it’s designed for snacking on the go, so it’ll keep you energized through even the most hectic day.

Organic Before it was Cool

Some records date hummus back 10,000 years—before even pottery was a thing!—making it one of humanity’s oldest foods. Everyone from Egyptian pharaohs, Greek philosophers, and Roman emperors have enjoyed this Mediterranean staple. Thanks to ancient trade routes, hummus even made it’s way to ancient China for a while. But what’s even more amazing than hummus’ impressive pedigree is how little the recipe has changed throughout the millennia.

No matter where you go, hummus is still made from just four simple, organic ingredients—chickpeas, tahini (sesame paste), lemon juice, and garlic—that’s it. This classic recipe is a perfect starter for anyone looking to dip their toe into Mediterranean cuisine for the first time, while also providing a blank slate for pairings, fusion, and taste experimentation with practically any dish. Classic or modern, taste for yourself why hummus is still one of humanity’s most cherished foods.

At Nanoosh we take (a little too much!) pride in our 100% organically sourced chickpeas, and fresh, authentic Mediterranean ingredients, and we’re proud to share that passion with you.

However you enjoy hummus—with a carrot, pita, or just your fingers!—come celebrate International Hummus Day at one of our pop-up hummus bars this Friday, May 13th from 3-6pm at any of our Manhattan locations. Take the plunge, and find out once and for all why hummus is the taste millions crave.