No matter what you do, you’re probably just as discerning as you are busy. You need to eat quickly—but you also want your lunch or dinner to be tasty, nourishing, and healthy.


These days, with fast casual chains appearing all over NYC, “quick” doesn’t have to mean “artery-clogging”. But all too often, it does translate into noisy backgrounds, uncomfortable seating (if any!), and frenetic ambiance. In a race to dominate the market, the idea of a lunch “break”—or even a quick dinner—has gotten lost in translation.


Is it possible to sit down and enjoy healthy food that’s delicious and freshly prepared—even for a couple of minutes?


It is at Nanoosh. We’re doing fast casual in comfort and style. Welcome to our new site and blog, where we’re serving up a fresh digital experience—and the same Mediterranean goodness.


The Fast Casual Craze


You’ve seen the trend proliferate across metropolitan cities and beyond. For every McDonald’s, there’s a Chipotle or Panera on the opposite corner.


Wikipedia defines fast casual as “a type of restaurant, found primarily in the United States, that does not offer full table service, but promises a higher quality food with fewer frozen or processed ingredients than a fast food restaurant”. More and more, people are opting to eat fast and good.


At Nanoosh, we’re embracing all of the perks of fast casual dining with our native Mediterranean cuisine. Our service is quick; our menu is newly authentic—featuring organic ingredients; our food healthy and fresh. But there’s one key element to a great dining experience: here, you can eat in comfort and find (a moment) of serenity amidst the madness.


Eat Quick—and Savor the Environment


When we launched Nanoosh in 2007, we knew we wanted to be different. Our commitment to our customers goes beyond our ingredients. It lends an experience that makes a quick midday meal or a casual dinner relaxing and memorable—even on a day packed with meetings.


In any of our NYC locations, you’ll find ample places to sit—and tables full of flavorful sauces, rich olive oils, and even candles when the sun goes down. A few of our locations offer quick table service, so you can eat fast and still feel like you’re enjoying a meal out. From a casual dinner with friends or family to a 15-minute lunch, we invite you to come try our food—and to stick around if you have the time.


And if you have to grab and go? Just order online—or at our counter. We’ll have your order to you in minutes, with the kind of care and cheer that we’re known for.


If you’re intrigued by our fresh cuisine and our unique approach, check back on our blog. We’ll be discussing all kinds of interesting things related to fast casual dining, Mediterranean foods (hummus!), and relevant news that gets us excited.


We can’t wait to see you!