A true taste of the Mediterranean!

At Nanoosh, we pride ourselves on our delicious hummus. Enjoy our original, roasted red pepper, or beet hummus as a full meal topped with your choice of protein, as a hearty side dish, or just as a topping on any of our menu items!





End your meal on a good note with our delicious rice pudding. We cook our Arborio rice slowly with milk to keep it light and flavorful, allowing you to truly taste our all-natural toppings. Choose between cardamom and roasted almond or cinnamon and raisin to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Arborio Rice Pudding

Cinnamon & Raisin 

Cardamom & Roasted Almond


Raise a glass to good health! Quench your thirst from our selection of organic drinks. We also offer organic teas.

House Made Drinks

Original Lemonade

Hibiscus Berry Lemonade (unsweetened)

Iced Mint Tea (sweetened & unsweetened)

Lemon Verbena Cold Brew Tea (unsweetened & caffeine-free)

Lemonade & Verbena Cold Brew Tea