Our Story

In 2007, three friends, David, Zwika and Hugo created Nanoosh, a restaurant built to serve clean, homestyle food they just couldn’t find at any fast-casual restaurant in New York City. Today, we are still proudly serving the same delicious, healthy food without compromising quality, comfort or price for their guests. Since first opening, Nanoosh has played a proud role in the clean, all natural, organic fast-casual movement by serving people from all over the world a little taste of Mediterranean Goodness.

Goodness Guarantee

Every meal is delicious and nutritious. We use only clean ingredients and never compromise on flavor or quality.

Good Times

From the warm atmosphere to the lively music, there’s just something about the Mediterranean that puts people at ease. At Nanoosh, we want every customer to experience the feeling of the Mediterranean, from the moment they walk through our doors to their last delicious bite.


Rooted Values

While we’re passionate about food, we’re just as committed to doing good, for our guests, our team and our communities. Whether through ethical working conditions, sustainable practices or giving back, we are committed to positively impacting our world.

Welcoming Family

We like to think of each team member as an extension of our own families, which is why we strive to make Nanoosh a great place to work. The same care and consideration we apply to our food is applied with our team, knowing that by giving quality, we’ll get quality back. As a result, our staff is passionate, friendly and treats every guest who walks through our doors like a member of the family.